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Walking on the Ancient Side

Story ID:5936
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Puzzled Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Walking on the Ancient Side

Walking on the Ancient Side

Walking on the Ancient Side

Walking on the Ancient Side

Walking on the Ancient Side

Walking on the Ancient Side

Another Sunday Afternoon
Mac, and me
Addie Dean tagging along
To see what we could see.

This Red Cross lady
Thought it would be fine
If we would show her
An Ancient Korean Shrine.

As we walked down the path
Through the trees we wound
Another Shrine, it was much larger
Than the other one we found.

The grass was cut to perfection
Not a weed could be seen
Manicured by some one
Not visible on the scene.

Behind the shrine
Several yards up a gentle rise
Were massive statues
Of giant size.

Two were Guards with giant swords
Two were Priests that held a tablet or tome
Smaller statues of different animals
Were ringed around the tomb

A tremendous table of marble
On four fat pots it rests
Approx. 2ftdeepx20ftlongx10ftwide
Mac is six ft., four at best.

Is this the tomb of some dignitary
Some person of renown
Where in the past
Could these statues have been found?

In 1946 these statues were
Standing true and plumb
Not a one was leaning
After decades and then some

How were these weighty statues
Moved to this site?
I can only imagine
Only with “slave muscle might.”

The workmanship
The time it took
The carving
Care to write a book?

Monte L. Manka 04-18-10

I took these pictures with Mom's old 116 Kodak. If the picture is leaning it's me not the statue or the Tomb. My Cap Brim in front of the Statue is approx 6ft. four MLM