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Picnic at Wolmi Do

Story ID:5941
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Picnic Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Picnic at Wolmi Do

Picnic at Wolmi Do

Picnic at Wolmi Do

Picnic at Wolmi Do

The Picnic at Wolmi Do

We got a Jeep from the Motor Pool
Asked two nurses to go along
Packed a few K-Rations
How could we go wrong?

The nurses had to set in the back
We were not officers, you see
Since we were only Cpls.
And the Nurses were Lts.

Checked at the MP checkpoint
Headed for Inchon
And the Isle of Wolmi Do
Ed and I chauffeured on.

We reached the isle of Wolmi Do
A few skinny deer were there to see
A rundown Zoo
Looked sickly to me.

We walked out on the breakwater
Took some pictures of Inchon down below
Of the Japanese barracks
Where we spent our first night, doncha know?

We broke out the K-Rations
And feasted heartily
Drank warm coca colas
There was no ice to cool them, doncha see

Beneath a Leaning Torii
Photos were taken
Had my arm around Edís Gal
A smile I was fakin

Time to head for the 29th. Gen
Picnic coming to a close
After feasting on K-Rations
No more photos did we pose

If we were caught with the nurses
There would a real big fuss
We would be in trouble
O woe is us.

We made it back with no trouble
Checked the nurses at the gate
Checked the Jeep into the pool
The five Oíclock curfew we did make.
Monte L. Manka 04-19-10