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Surprise in "46"

Story ID:5947
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Holy Cowed Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Surprise in "46"

Surprise in "46"

Surprise in ď1946Ē

Grabbed my hat and Jacket
Grabbed a K-ration packet
Opened the door
Stepped out into the hall

Passed the Dispensary
Passed the Laboratory
Passed the men in traction room
There were patients wall to wall

Passed the office of Psychiatry
Passed the ward for Dentistry
Down pass the Morgue
Right at the Medical Supply stall.

Across the Quad
Passed the guard
Out on to the lane to J.I.C.T
(Japanese Imperial College of Technology.)
Passed the Boiler cooling pond
To the building where I was first billeted
When I arrived fresh from the sea

On to that mountain trail
Finding rocky trails to scale
Used when I explore
The beautiful countryside
Of ancient Korea hill and dale.

I climbed a little rise
Much to my surprise
There on the valley floor below
Were dozens of milk cows,
Appearing before my eyes

In all my hiking in the hills
This seemed to give me a chill
Iíd never seen a cow
Until now
This was quite a thrill

My feet frozen to the ground
Not a soul around
While I stared at the barn below
Wondered if I was supposed to see
Those sacred cows, or was this a no no?

Two years in Frozen Chosen
Strange thoughts I was posen
Iíd seen oxen but not a cow
I had never seen milk in the markets
Whatís going on anyhow.

To this day I havenít figured out
What this episode was all about,
Still a big mystery
Why was this Dairy so far out?
Why was I allowed to see?

This is what I can do
Iíll leave it up to you
To draw your own conclusion
You can have your say
Iíll live with my confusion.

Monte L. Manka 04-22-2010