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Freedom's Flag

Story ID:595
Written by:Nancy J. Kopp (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Anywhere USA
Person:The American Flag
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Freedom's Flag

Freedom’s Flag

A hard-won American flag
waves in blustery Kansas skies,
untouched by evil enemy hands.
No foreign silver saber rips into its
splendid stars and stripes, no gun tears
gaping holes in the red, white, and blue.

‘Twas won so long ago that we might
forget those whose souls were given,
don’t remember the myriad families
torn apart and left in tattered straits,
whose men died to bring this freedom.

Colonial days brought forth bold patriots,
whose brave hearts oft ruled their heads,
who marched to war unsure how to fight,
unprepared to meet the mighty British force.
“This is our land!” became the mighty cry
until the men emerged, bloody but victorious.

Hearts swelled with pride as flags were hoisted
all through the colonies, then carried westward.
Cavalry soldiers held high the banner in Indian wars
and farther into battle with violent Mexican armies.
“This land is my land!” each man cried with pride.

The Union Army rode with flag in tow fighting
hordes of rebel brothers to keep the land a whole.
Rough Riders bore the respected symbol through
bleak and buggy swamps until their cause was done,
and once again freedom’s flag flew across our land.

And then the time was come to fight across the sea,
to war with one-time friends to keep our nation free.
Yet again, our men raised the Stars and Stripes around
the seven seas. Man battled man to keep our land as is,
to leave our shores our own, as wartime fears have fled.

Peace settles like a silken shawl for only a little while
until our forces bear our symbol into some new dark spot,
where bells of freedom peal aloud for our fellow-man.
Two hundred years and more, the cry’s been heard,
“This is my land. I pledge to keep it free for you and for me.”

Hold dear the freedom won with flag held high.
Wave the unfurled banner from coast to coast.
Sing the songs, beat the drums, blow the bugles,
whate’er it takes to spread the patriot’s creed.
Then carry freedom’s flag deep within your heart.

- --Nancy Julien Kopp

Author's Note: I am not a true poet. What little poetry I write comes from the heart and often fits no particular poetic pattern.