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The Emperor's Palace

Story ID:5952
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Gun Totin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Emperor's Palace

The Emperor's Palace

The Emperor's Palace

The Emperorís Palace
(In Seoul, Korea)

On the first of May
Went to the motor pool
Checked out a jeep
For a trip to Seoul

The street that passed by the Palace
Was six or eight lanes wide
The guard at the gate stopped me
He let me go inside

The Emperors Palace grounds
To look up an old friend
Drove in and then
Parked at Barracks No. 10

The steps into the Palace
Were guarded by two massive statues
White lions, one on each side
Of the steps that led into

The Throne room
I had my picture taken there
I had more respect
Than sit in that big fancy chair.

That giant Throne room
With beautiful hanging tapestryís
Of red and gold
Beautiful to see.

Outside in the back
Set in the center of a pond, with open bar
A building where the Japanese Officers
Supposedly spent their R & Rís.

Suddenly the PA blared
Go down to supply, donít hesitate
Get a carbine and two clips of ammo
Return to the front gate.

We moved to the main gate
There as far as could be seen
In that wide avenue
Were thousands of Chanting Koreans

Outside the gate
Kneeling with rifle at the ready
Were two ROC soldiers
Holding their rifles very steady

Suddenly the ROC soldiers
Fired one round apiece
Four Korean men
Crumpled in a heap

The once crowded
Avenue with many men
The street was open once again.

We were told to turn in our carbines
That the May Day Parade was retired
We returned to the barracks
Happy we did not have to fire

At those Korean people
Who had so much to say
At the Emperors Palace gate
On this first of May.

Monte L. Manka 04-24-2010