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My Personal Phone Directory

Story ID:5958
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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My Personal Phone Directory

I found my old Directory
While going through a drawer
It was so old that
I didn’t use it any more.

This is a chore that I really dread
Cleaning up my directory is going to be such a bummer
My directory isn’t very neat
Several pages and slips of paper with Numbers

Some slips large some small
Some written with pencil some with pen
Some dating back to
Can’t remember when

But I can’t put it off any longer
I’ll start with the “A,s”
Shouldn’t take very much time
To shuffle through this maze.

As I started my cleaning of the directory
The first names, in “A”, I saw, caught me off guard
Two great friends I dearly Loved
And had so much regard

As I thought about these two
Old friends that have passed on before me
The things we’ve done together
The laughs, the things we did see

I decided out of respect
Not to Delete their names
But to go on to the next
I’ll save them, here in my “Hall of Fame”

As I turned the page to edit
It was the “B,s and C,s”
I ran into trouble
I thought this would be a breeze

I gently turned the pages
One by one
So many of my friends and relatives
Were gone.

You don’t delete names of old friends
They’re always just a thought away
I decided to stop the editing
And Save it for another day.

As those precious memories of those gone on
Flooded through my head
About days gone by
I changed my mind instead

I folded and pressed the pages neatly
There is no deletion of any name
I decided to put them all
In “My Hall of Fame”

Monte Manka 11-16-2008