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That's Life

Story ID:5963
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:A little Compassion for the Kid
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That’s Life

Doncha you just hate it
When you cut your finger with a knife
And instead of sympathy
Someone says “that’s life”

When you’re shunned by the person you love
Namely your wife
Instead of sympathy
Your best buddy says “that’s life”.

I’ve tried several things
Several things went awry.
But I’m not looking for some smart guy
To make some smart reply

Just a little compassion
A kind word or three
I cringe when I hear this
“Better you than me”

While roller-skating at the local rink
I ended up with a couple scrapes
While I winced in pain, someone said
“It’s a good thing you fell on your face.”

Words like these
Should not be said
You need a soft cool hand
To rub the bump on your head.

I blew a tire on my car
While driving to school
A neighbor stopped and said
Wouldna happened if you hadn’t been driving like a darn fool.

Just once I wished someone said
Gosh, Monte I feel sad
About that whipping
You got by your Dad

You must have done something
Really bad
Probably deserved it anyway
This really made me mad.

You go to the local drug store
When you line up to pay
Some sour faced cashier says
“Have a nice day”.

You know she doesn’t mean it
And if the truth was known
She’d spit in your face in an instant
She’s thinking just leave me alone.

You go to the grocery store
And grab a shopping cart
Stop to check the produce
The person behind you starts getting smart

Read the labels tomorrow sonny
Move out of my way
I turn and say
“Have a Nice Day”

They wander off muttering
Obscenities to themselves
While they’re kicking
Boxes off the shelves.

Good thing it was a she
Or I might end up with a black eye
I never get sassy
With a six foot six young guy.

I stumbled and fell
On the Utility room Floor
Shirley came to my rescue
Her help I did implore

The things I dropped, were groceries
That had spilled between my outstretched legs
Did I see any worried looks on her face, yes?
She was worried about the broken eggs.

Woe is I
Alas and alack
This is all the sympathy I got
While flat on my back.

I’m looking for a robot
I’ll call her Mary Louise
She’ll do nothing all day long
But do her darndest to please

Me and also
Take care of my every whim
Massage my aching muscles
When I come home from the gym.

She’ll have my meals ready
A fine glass of wine
With a meat dish and dessert
This is to me the ultimate, and I’ll never again whine

But you know this is not true
I feel so sorry for ME
Nobody loves me any more
I’ll have to wait and see

I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it
Those misfortunes that lie ahead
Poised to show no sympathy
I might as well stay in bed.

09-1-08 Monte