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Nights in Tokyo

Story ID:5968
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Shocked Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Nights in Tokyo

Nights in Tokyo, Japan

While in the supply office
The Captain was heard to say
Any one want to fly to Tokyo
On the nineteenth of May?

Anything to leave Korea
If only for a few days
I said that I would go
Volunteered right away.

The Captain said
This ten-day vacation
Has attached to it
One stipulation.

You will accompany
A group of Army Physcos
Take care of their needs
On the way to Tokyo.

We went to Kimpo Airport
And boarded a D C 3
Found a seat along the side
Waited patiently.

The patients were loaded on
Straight jacketed were they
Strapped to their litters
Then tied in securely.

One Army physco nodded to me
When I went over to see
He said he had to pee
Good Grief Why me?

I grabbed a Duck
Took care of his need
Settled down for a long flight
This was my only good deed.

The hum of the engines
Were whirring like a fan
Before I knew it
We were in Tachikawa, Japan.

Took pictures of the Emperors Palace
The Di Ichi building too
And the Ernie Pyle Theater
And a girl or two.

Went to the Ginza,
The Tokyo market street
Bought some souvenirs
Back to Tachikawa, my retreat

I took the train to Tokyo
The Meadowgold Dance Hall to see
Hailed a Japanese Ricksha
Itís the Meadowgold Dance Hall for me.

The Japanese man nodded his head
As if he understood
I stepped in
Then he dropped the hood.

The Hood was a canvas
That hung in front of your eyes
To keep out the dust
And also the flies.

He picked up the shafts
Started off on a run
I settled back
To think about havin fun.

All at once I heard a big bang
Right in my ear
I immediately felt for blood
I was shot I did fear.

The man dropped the shafts
Threw up the curtain
I knew that I was being robbed
Of this I was certain.

The man was bowing
And talking in Japanese
I reached for my wallet
Anything to please.

He pointed to the tire
It was flat as a pancake
Then I thanked the Lord
For my soul he did not take. .

The noise of the blowout
Was the bang in my ear
I began to feel better
Even my color did reappear.

The Japanese man
On one tire so flat
Pulled me to the dance hall
Thatís where the actionís at..

10 days were up, back to Korea I went
Had my fun, in the sun
The R and R was over
But my trouble had just begun.

The trip back to Kimpo
Is another story
Thot we wouldnít make it
Couldíve been mighty gory.