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Triip No. 2, to Kimpo, Korea

Story ID:5971
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. Usa
Person:Fraid of planes, Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Triip No. 2, to Kimpo, Korea

Triip No. 2, to Kimpo, Korea

Trip Back to Kimpo 2

We took off from Osaka, Japan
And about thirty minutes into our trip
We started descending
Onto a narrow “Black Widow fighter” strip.

We got one wheel of the D C 3
Clear off the narrow runway
The plane shook and bounced
For this we’d later pay.

We taxied up to the Tower
The Pilot went in side
The dust finally settled
Thank God we were still alive.

We took off
Back out over the Sea of Japan
Everyone was jittery
Almost to a man.

The flight nurse came back and said
One wheel was stuck halfway
Do not worry
We’ll crank it down manually.

It would make us late to the Kimpo airport
I didn’t care if it took a week.
Just get me down, onto the ground
Terra Firma my feet did seek.

I didn’t know that Kimpo
Had no airfield lights
And we were going to land
Late into the night.

I felt the plane descending
Down to Kimpo below
I looked out the window,
Couldn’t even see a glow.

No Moon was shining
Not even a Star did glimmer
But we had our three Chaplains
To help with our dilemma.

The D C 3 touched down
The tires made a screeching sound
I waited for the crash
The silence did abound.

When the plane stopped rolling
The only light I did spot
Was the one in the control Tower
That must have been thirty watts.

We taxied up to the Tower
We were so pleased
I saw the three Chaplains
Down on their knees.

I thought my gosh
Why are they kneeling anyway?
Saying a prayer maybe,
No, they were kissing the concrete runway.

I thought if that’s the way they feel
Specially after that flight
I would kiss it also
Seemed to me to be all right.

Along with the Chaplains three
I got on my knees,
Kissed the dirty concrete
At last I felt at ease.

My airplane trip was finally over
Was happy to have arrived
No more flying for me
Sure glad I survived.

No more plane for me
For another thirty years, with luck
Until I went to work on San Clemente Island
Driving a Ten Wheeler Dump Truck.

That’s another story. Monte Manka—06-13-06
Honest It’s all-true.