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Sounds in Hemet, CA.

Story ID:5978
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA U SA
Person:Chelse Kansas Kid, Worried Sounds
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Sounds in Hemet II

When the Sun goes down
After darkness settles in
The shades are drawn
It’s time once again

To try to watch a rerun
Or two on your TV
Hundreds of commercials
No good news to see.

We put on our nightshirts
And settle into bed
All the thoughts of the daytime
Running through your head,

The eerie stillness
We welcome doncha see
After the sounds of the day
Barraged our eardrums, so heavily.

While drifting off to sleep
Headed for La La land
Body totally relaxed
Dreamland near at hand,

Suddenly the silence is shattered
For some emergency
By a siren of an Ambulance
For needed urgency.

The tooting horn of
A fire engine following close behind
Offering aid and comfort
For the injured that they find.

As the sirens and horns
Their sounds fading out of hearing
I try to go to sleep
All the time not fearing

That some day you may
Need to call nine-eleven
Those sounds to you
Will be a “Bit O Heaven”

Knowing that these sounds
Will be a comfort to you
As those emergency guys
Know exactly what to do.

So off to dreamland I go
Feeling safe and secure
Not to worry about
Some accident or illness I might endure.


Monte L. Manka 06-15-09
8717 Mann Lane
Hemet, CA. 92545