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Story ID:5983
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:wrong tattoo, Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Joe joined the Navy in “42”
Had to leave his gal Betty Sue
Went overseas and what did he do?
Got snockered and got a big tattoo.

The Tattoo Artist was a Greek
Of BO he did reek
Joe’s gal’s name he did not seek
Joe was to snockered to speak.

Joe printed his gal’s name on a paper white
He thought he would do all right
Not knowing the Greek could neither read nor write
Also was shaky and had poor eyesight

The next morning with a big aching head
Joe looked at his left arm and there in Red
Was a naked lady tattoo, neath her, the words he read
“I love Peggy Sue”, man-o-man I’m dead.

Joe’s eyes moved to the right
On his arm in plain sight
Was the words “With all my might”
“Martha Sue, I’ll never forget last night.”

Joe looked down at his chest
This tattoo like all the rest
Really put Joe to the test
The tattooed words said “Amy Sue you’re the best.”

Then on Joe’s left thigh
Not to low not to high
He breathed a sorrowful sigh
Was “Love you Darla Sue, my sweetie pie.”

Joe yelled out loud “What do I do
None of the tattoo’s said Betty Sue”
“I can’t go home, I’m in a stew
How do I prove to Betty Sue I’ll be true”

Joe is looking for someone who
Can undo
With the wrong Sue’s.

Monte 08-22-08