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Story ID:5986
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:thinking Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Phoned my Aunt Doe yesterday
We discussed the weather
And the past times that
We spent together

We talked about being lonesome
It happens many times in your life
But seems to be much worse
When you lose a Husband or a Wife.

For that “Lifetime Union”
When you say “I Do”
Then when the ties are broken
Like a bolt out of the blue,

It leaves a terrible Vacuum
And as your friends move on
After the sorrow of your loss
Then you’re all alone.

Being lonely at an older age
Seems much harder to bear
It’s so easy to
Fall into a state of despair.

But when you’re lonely
And you think no one cares anymore
You’re always on some ones mind
That’s for sure.

So when you feel lonely
And really down in the dumps
Remember I’m thinking of you
And will help you over the bumps.

We’ve thousands of memories
Stored in our minds
And by reliving the good ones
There is solace we can find.

Whenever you get lonesome
Just think of me
I’ll be thinking of you
And your loneliness will go away, you’ll see.

Even from far off California
I believe I can send to you
Some happy thoughts
And some happy memories too.

So as the time passes
Try to stay up-beat
Rely on your friends and relatives
And Loneliness you can defeat.

From me to you
Love, Monte
Oct. 19, 2009