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First Day School Tools

Story ID:5992
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Ready to go Chelsea Kansas Kid
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First Day School Tools

Chelsea Dist. No. 10, School Tools

The Saturday before school started
We drove into the city
Go to Mc Clellans Five and Dime
For the school necessities

We got two-penny pencils
With lead as hard as steel
If you pressed too hard
The paper would tear and peel.

The erasers on the penny pencils
Were so small
Just try to use them
They did not work at all.

A nickel Paper Tablet
Each page was lined, and yes
With a big Indian on the cover
The paper as thick as a girls dress.

We got a couple sticks
To fit with a detachable point of metal
To make ovals across the page with ink
With limber wrist and ever so gentle

To dip into our Carterís ink
Colors were Black or Blue
Get it on your hands
Harder to wash off than a tattoo.

A box of Crayons
Colors of different hues
Coloring inside the lines
Was hard for me to do.

A pair of shoe laces
A couple pair of socks
A tooth brush
And a comb for our curly locks.

Two pair of new overalls
Underwear and couple shirts
To be worn only to school
Not to be used for work.

I remember how I
Couldnít wait to open everything
Lay them all out on the table
I felt like a King.

This would have to last nine months
Maybe an extra tablet, an extra pencil or two
But all the rest would have to last
Until school was through.

Old Chelsea No. 10
Forever youíll remain
On my mind
And branded into my brain

Those eight years of schooling
All those boyhood friends
Those great Teachers
Iíll remember till the end.

Monte L. Manka 03-14-10