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To the Last WW Vet Standing

Story ID:5995
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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To the Last WW Vet Standing

To the Last WW II Vet Standing

I’ve got a cap I wear
When I go downtown
WWII is embroidered on the front
Just below the crown

As I do my thing
While in the grocery or café
Some old Vet will see my cap
Then walk up to me and say—

I was in the Marines
I fought on many beach-heads
I was mighty lucky
I could have ended up dead.

Or—I was in the Navy
Served on an LST
We transported troops to the shore
To be here today, I’m lucky as can be.

I was a bomber pilot
I flew missions by the score
I was shot down over Germany
While in the prison camp, I saw no more war.

I was in the Sea Bees
Was on the isle of Attu
The weather was cold and miserable
I survived, I made it through.

We went on secret missions
I was a Green Beret
And as Luck would have it
I’m alive today

I was an Army Sgt.
I was the leader of my squad
Worked our way up through Italy
Am here to day by the “Grace of God.”

World War II Veterans
Are 80 years old plus more
In just a few years
There will be the closing of the door

So to those Gallant Service men
Those who put up the winning fight
Let the last man standing
Please turn out the light.
Monte L. Manka 05-9-2010

P.S. I was not in any battles, just occupation so my hats off to those who were.

2nd, Lt. Donald Lawrence, From El Dorado, Kansas who is in a rest Home today. (Picture taken in 1944)