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Story ID:5999
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Fluctuated Chelsea Kansas Kid
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This is a rhyme about
My Economics One-0-One
Some of my fiascoís
Seems I never won.

Reminds me of the Chinaman
Who came to the USA
Looking for a better life
And to live the American way.

With his family
He brought lots of Yen
But he got a big surprise
When he went to turn it in

The wheelbarrow full of Yen that
He took to the federal institution
To trade it for Bucks
Came upon this solution

The banker paid the Chinaman
For his wheelbarrow full of Yen
A few bucks
The Banker told him then

Due to inflation
Due to stagflation
And adding to his frustration
He was introduced to fluctuation.

The Yen you see
That came from your country
Is not worth much to me
The Banker said impatiently

Next week the same
Thing happened again
The Chinaman
Left the bank in pain.

The following week the Chinaman visited the bank
Very agitated, when
He left the bank
He said Iíve been fluctionated yet again.

This little story
That I know youíve eagerly awaited
Mirrors my investments
Iíve also been fluctionated.

I bought Government coupon Bonds
Invested in Insurance Securities
Bought a banking stock
Nothing seemed to work for me

I visited Paine Weber
Bought some Government things
Trusting the Institution
I got fluctionated again and again.

Buy low Sell High
I was told this is the time to buy
But as you can see never worked for me
And I donít know why

In another rhyme
At another time Iíll reveal to you
About my investing
And what not to do.

Take advice from a Semi-Pro
And this I have stated
Think thrice before you buy

Monte L. Manka 07-29-2008