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Fluctuation No. 1

Story ID:6000
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Rich Chelsea Kansas Kid-not
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Fluctuation No. 1


Got a surprise one day
While still in my early teens
As I looked into the mailbox
On the post on Hi-way 13.

Seems a long lost Uncle
Had passed away
And this was my inheritance check
That I received today.

1200 bucks
My gosh I was rich
As I ran to the farmhouse
I jumped over the ditch

Across the yard and I was yelling
I looked at the signature
On this check
Just to be sure

And to double check that
The name was really mine
That was printed on
The payee line.

As I showed the check to Dad
My mind was filled with a thousand thoughts
Of all the great things
That with this windfall could be bought.

We’ll put this into the bank
My dad said to me
So it can gain some interest
For your future, don’t you see?

We stopped at the Walnut Valley Bank
In El Dorado on South main
I entered the bank reluctantly
I could see my spending spree going down the drain.

Mr. Tanner and Mr. Zimmerman
Greeted me and Dad
Asked if they could help
I knew I‘d been had.

These three older gentlemen
Were plotting a plan for me
How to invest my windfall
This was plain to see.

Mr. Tanner and Mr. Zimmerman
Decided that the investment of the day
Was Government coupon bonds, for me
I endorsed the check, we shook hands and I slowly walked away.

Several months later
I got my license to drive
I found a “Model A”
That I was going to buy

I walked into the Walnut Valley Bank
And much to my surprise
My 1200 bucks had shrunk
As my temperature began to rise

I stood before the teller
And pondered my situation
This was my first introduction

My Government coupon bond
If I did cash it in
Would be worth substantially less
That it had originally been.

Mr. Tanner and Mr. Zimmerman
Were very nice to me
Said I could borrow
Against my Government bond, don’t you see

The payments would be small
And I could use the bond
As collateral
On this 1200 dollar loan.

As I stomped out of the Walnut Valley Bank
And as my anger slowly abated
I said under my breath
Monte, you’ve been fluctionated.
Monte L. Manka 07-30-08
Fluctuation No. One