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Fluctuation No. 2

Story ID:6001
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Fluctuation Problem Chelsea Kansas Kid
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After working several years
We saved a little money
We decided to invest it
Shirley and me.

I got burned once
I’ll not do it again
I’ll ask a couple elders for advice
What to put my money in.

I checked around and then
I asked Mrs. “B”
What she would do
If she were me.

She told me how she
Had invested in “Insurance Securities”
Doubled her investment
She said that’s what she would buy, if she were me.

As I took a semi load of broken concrete
Down to dump at Pier “J”
In Long Beach
At the end of the Long Beach Freeway

The gentleman that ran the area
Was talking on the phone.
Buy five hundred shares of Standard Oil
He said in an authoritative tone.

He opened the drawer in his desk
It was filled with blocks
Of every kind
Of Blue Chip Stocks.

I ask this gentleman what he would do
If he were in my shoes
Where I could put my extra savings
What he’d suggest I could do?

This gentleman told me that he
Had bought “Insurance Securities”
For his secretary’s Christmas
She had doubled her money, she was happy as could be.

Two different people gave this story to me
This Gentleman and Mrs. “B”
That’s good enough
For me.

I called “Insurance Securities”
They said they would send out a representative
To my home in East Anaheim
Where at that time I we did live.

This salesman with his
Brief case and fancy suit and shoes
Flashy tie, and Fedora
And a Mercedes, midnight blue

He introduce himself
Coyne is my name
Should have been a red flag
That this might be another game.

These “Insurance Securities” were
A slush fund that the fire Insurance Cos. keeps on hand
At the end of the year what’s not spent
That’s divided between the members of the plan.

If the fire Insurance Cos. Pay outs
Were minimal, then
We’d divide the rest of the pool
Of the money left on hand.

I signed that contract
And gave the man a check
Patting myself on the back
About the investment I did make.

Everything works out fine
If there is no major fires, about
That the Insurance Cos.
Have to pay out.

That year
They burned Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and LA too
No dividend from Coyne
I hadn’t gained a Sou.

Ok, Monte here you go again
You have been baited
Too late now you again
Have been fluctuated.

Monte L Manka