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Fluctuation 2-A

Story ID:6002
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Paine Weber, Chelsea Kansas Kid
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After the “Insurance Securities” debacle
I’m looking for something that’s sound
Something safe, insured,
Something to leave my family when I’m not around.

One day while watching TV
I saw something that looked good to me
It was a Paine Webber Ad
Turned out it was just as bad as

All my former investments
That I had taken
Thought this would be a good one
About the next move I was makin.

We walked through the door
With all the lettering in Gold Leaf
Behind this large Mahogany Desk
The voice said, “take a seat”.

As we sat I looked around
The walls were covered with framed awards
Fancy Gold Pen and Pencil sets
Then the thought hit me and I said “Oh Lord”

Is this another mess for us?
I got very nervous
I wanted to leave but
The voice said, “Can I be of some service”

I told the voice that I wanted
A safe, high interest paying, security
As strong as the Gibraltar Rock
Paying interest by the month, to me.

The voice said “I’ve got the best thing for you”
A very safe Government Bond
After all he said
Your government can always be counted on.

I swallowed hard and I said
I don’t want any of those coupon things
I want something safe
With absolutely no fluctuating.

With his promise and handshake
We left the office with the Gold leaf door
My check in his hand
I thought of Edgar Allen POE, “Nevermore.”

The first quarter I got a substantial check
I was feeling pretty good
Until I noticed that my original Balance
Wasn’t what it should?

I told them to hold the interest
And when my balance was what I put in
Send me the check
My patience running thin

I cashed out and I ran
With my original investment
I had been flucuated again.

Monte L. Manka 07-31-08