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Fluctuation No. 3

Story ID:6004
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Rental Chelsea Kansas Kid
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After all my Government goofs
I decided on a change of pace
I bought a little house
In Garden Grove, on Sandra Place.

Two bedroom, attached garage
This place was really neat
Lot was narrow
But almost a half a block deep

In the back of the house
Several bearing fruit trees
Bought it from the original owner
For a rental if you please.

Now I’m a landlord
I‘ll rent it today
Rented to a young couple with two kids
And another on the way.

First two rent checks bounced
They made them right
Said I wanted cash
I tried to be polite.

Whenever we got the cash
150.00 to be exact
Only one and five dollar bills
Brought in a brown paper sack.

As I counted the rent each month
And stacked all the fives and ones
On the table top with rubber bands
They stayed until I was done.

Got a call one evening
After I got home from work
The Sandra Place hot water heater was leaking
This is one job I couldn’t shirk

With two little kids
Another on the way
That hot water heater
Had to be fixed today.

I stopped at the White Front store
Put the new heater in the “54” Chevy trunk
Drove carefully to Sandra Place
Replaced that water heater hunk of junk.

She asked me to check her washing machine
We went through the door
Moved into the garage where
Two dozen baskets of soiled clothes sat there on the floor.

Shirley got the water bill
Called the city of Garden Grove water department
85.00 for water is ridiculous
We don’t use that much in our duplex and apartment.

The city told Shirley
That their commercial bills
Were less than that but
This was “overkill”

They checked the meter
Working perfectly
Then it hit Shirley
The renter was taking in laundry

From all the neighbors
I was paying the water bill
So they could pay the rent
With all those small bills.

I raised the rent five bucks
Asked them to move
That’s the story of Sandra Place
Down in Garden Grove.

I’ve been fluctionated by the Government
But by being nice
Down on Sandra Place
I got fluctionated twice

Monte L. Manka 08-01-08