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Fluctuation No. 4

Story ID:6006
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:AZ. bound Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Fluctionated No. 4

You’d think after Fluctionated No. 3
That I wasn’t too bright
I’d have to agree
And say you were right.

You’d probably tell me
To keep my extra cash in a sock
And hide it in the parlor
In that Old Grandfather’s clock.

No, No, not me
I believe what I see
Watching that rich Guru
On Tee Vee.

Things in Arizona
Mesa especially
Was the next boomtown
Put your cash in Arizona territory.

I bought a beautiful condo
In Mesa Town
Two stories and a loft
With a small down.

Bought another house
Down Chandler Arizona way
A real nice place
Wish I had it today.

With these two purchases
Don’t you know?
I am now operating on
Negative cash flow.

This condo in Mesa
Had all the amenities
Upgrades a plenty
It was a beauty.

All appliances were provided
Even a compactor for your trash
Something fairly new
It’d mash your trash in a flash.

After I retired from Trucking
I planned to move from California
Into this Condo
In Mesa, Arizona

Until I retired
Larry P. my manager rented it to
A lady with two young boys
We thot this the thing to do.

After a few months
This lady moved away
I went down to Mesa
Wish’d I’d stayed away.

While the lady was at work
The two boys nine and ten
Used my new condo
For their indoor playpen.

The toilet paper dispensers
Were ladders for her kids
They stood on them, with their feet
They now lay on the water closet lids.

Where they were pulled out of the plaster
Gaping holes did appear
I’d have used the razor strap
On they’re little rears.

They moved the furniture away from the walls
Into the walls I found
The handlebars had wore a deep gouge
Where they raced their bikes around and round

Two hundred watt bulbs
In a 60 watt receptacle
When turned on
Made a smoking spectacle.

I heard one of the boys
Had his leg in a cast
But not before
He had his blast

Seems he was jumping
From the loft
Into his mothers bed
And landing soft

Once he missed the bed
Don’t ask
Broke a hole in the plywood floor
This is why his leg was in a cast.

If this had been in California
I would have been sued
But folks in Arizona
Are really not so rude

Sticky handprints
On the walls and glass
Enough to make a man
Want to kick some a--.

My Dream Condo
Had been desecrated
Again, I say, Monte
You have been fluctionated.

Monte L. Manka 08-02-08