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R and R to Tokyo

Story ID:6015
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Pushing Luck Chelsea Kansas Kid
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R and R to Tokyo

R and R to Tokyo

R and R to Tokyo

After visiting the Ginza
After seeing a movie at the Ernie Pyle
After coupon dancing at the Medowland dance hall
We decided to visit the Imperial Palace for a while.

The block long entrance
Had two guard shacks down the center
Twenty yards apart
We had to get by the guards to enter.

Letís play the wandering picture taking vacationer
I said to my buddy, Edward
Snap photos as we walk and gawk
Acting oblivious to the Guard

Ed told me that I was crazy
I said itís worth a try
The first guard had his back to us
As we passed by.

We walked and gawked toward the next guard shack
Snapping photos as we moved slowly along
Toward the Emperors big rock entrance
Like we were doing nothing wrong.

The guard at the second gate
Came out of his small shack
And yelled at us
Turn around and go back.

But Sarge weíre here from Korea
Checking out Tokyo
Taking in all the sights,
We didnít know

To visit the palace of the Emperor
Was against the rules
I lied to the Sarge
He sent us packing mumbling about darn fools.

I would have loved to get inside
And check out all those fancy grounds
But it wasnít meant for Ed and I
To do any snooping around.

I took pictures of the guard towers
Above the Palace entrance on each side
Rock covered and
Small windows on all four sides.

Around the outside of the Palace Grounds
Was a was a fifty yard wide moat
Just like the Palaces of old
Which made entering slightly remote.

As I set here today
Iím so glad I tried
We gave it the old ďCollege TryĒ
We almost got inside
Monte L. Manka 05-16-10