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Tokyo Girls

Story ID:6017
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Curious Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Tokyo Girls

Tokyo Girls

Tokyo Girls

When I landed at Tachikawa, air base
Turned over the straight jacketed GIís
I had a room on the base
To where I could unwind.

I shaved, showered and left the base
Caught a train to Tokyo and as I rode along
I looked out the window at all the workers
Tending the many gardens, I saw that my thoughts were wrong.

I had a picture of many beggars
Skinny people needing food
What I saw opened my eyes
All the people I saw looked good.

No beggars, no skinny, or crippled
Women or men
Didnít look like the Koreans or
The devastation in Seoul, where Iíd been.

The top was out of Tokyo Station
I did not see one bombed out building
Everything was cleaned up
And ready to start rebuilding.

As I left the Tokyo station
With my trusty 116 Kodak in hand
All the ladies you met would pose
You needed no command

If you pointed the camera at them
They would giggle and pose
They were all well fed Not a skinny one did I see
They werenít wearing ragged clothes.

I supposed that food was scarce in Japan
But to my surprise
Everyone looked great
And definitely no flies.

I have a couple pictures of ladies
Some in Native Kimonos
Then the complete opposite
Others dressed in Western clothes.

Down on the Ginza
Where the people were thick as fleas
They all looked well fed
Not a begging person did I see.

Iím sure that things werenít
ďPeachy KeenĒ
I was impressed with the people
At least the ones Iíd seen

Were Hale and Hearty
Certainly changed my impression
Going to Tokyo, Japan
Answered many questions.
Monte L. Manka 05-18-10