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My First Day with the Terror Squad

Story ID:6034
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Scared, Chelsea Kansas Kid
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My First Day with the Terror Squad

My First Day with the Terror Squad

Got off the troop train
I remember the March 1st1945 date
We arrived in Camp Fannin Texas
As I remember, mighty late.

We were herded into a big building
And upon the stage
Was a Short Buck Sgt.
Doing his rant and rage.

We had just detrained
Hadnít had much sleep
Wondering what would happen
We were told not to make a peep.

As this undersized Sgt.
Yelled at us in the early morn
Made me wish
I was back on the farm planting corn

We were positioned behind a wooden box
Called a foot locker
To stow our goodies in
This yelling Sgt. I knew was off his rocker.

He named each thing we were issued
And told to check to see
If we had the necessary equipment
To serve in ďthis manísĒ Army.

Gas mask, field pack, Ammo Belt
Shelter half, tent pegs
Canteen, we checked our box
As we listened to this short fused powder keg.

Finally this raving maniac
Slowed down to a trot
Told us we had everything
But an army cot.

From way in the back
Iím missing one tent peg, whatíll I do
It got very quiet
Then that crazed Sgt. Proceeded to chew

For thirty minutes
The air was blue
Around us new recruits
Just when we thought we were through.

We were called everything but humans
Through this Sgts. Wrathful rant
We were tired and hungry
We wanted to leave, but we canít.

100 men were ready to throttle
This stupid recruit
100 men were willing
To give him the boot.

Finally we were sent to Barracks No. 4
We were shown how to make our cots
With the blanket cover
Straight, even and Taught.

This was my first day, with Uncle Sam
What a way to start
Tired and hungry
And with a heavy heart.

Monte Manka 01-19-2008