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Four Days into the Terror Squad

Story ID:6036
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:In the Army Now, Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Four Days Into the Terror Squad

We had an Old Sgt.
That called us out in the early A.M.
Taking roll
To see if we had lost a man.

This Sgt. had a tomato
For a nose
It was a bright red
Like a blooming rose.

If you had a weak stomach
You hated to go to roll call
That Sgt. would do things
That to most would appall.

Hed cough and cough
Till youd think
His stomach would retch
He wanted another drink.

Hes spit upon the ground
Before we went to chow
In front of the first squad
Hed cough and blow

Hed light up a Lucky Strike
And cough some more
Hed hack and hack
And spit some more.

I was in the second squad
So did not see I must confess
But the first squad
Had to see the mess.

We found out later
The Sgt. had fought in a faraway locale
Down in the Pacific Ocean
A place called Guadalcanal

Hed fought in some battles on this Island
That would make your hair stand up straight
Told to us by Cpl. Collins
To me that cleaned his slate.,

Hed been wounded
A couple times
Sent to Camp Fannin Texas
To serve out his time.

To that Old Sgt.
I have to doff my Hat
He went through hell
I had none of that.

Monte 1-10-2008