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El Dorado Class Reunion of 1944

Story ID:6039
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Our Loss, Chelsea Kansas Kid
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El Dorado Class Reunion of 1944

El Dorado Class Reunion of “1944”

(Barbara, Melda and me)

As I pore over the picture
Of the class reunion of 1944
Sent to me by O Pauline Pershall
Kids that attended High School during the World War

The attendance seems to
Be getting smaller each year
But here’s to the ones
That in the picture do appear.

Melda Johnson, my Chelsea schoolmate
Is in the front row
But there’s one Chelsea schoolmate missing
Barbara Holderman, a friend of long ago.

Melda and I started together in Grade 1
I look at the picture, in my mind, I can see
Barbara, Melda and me
We were the “Chelsea Three”

Through good weather and bad
We attended Chelsea School each day
Studied readin, writin, and rithmatic
We were in every school play

We took piano lessons
Barbara, Melda and me
The girls could play much better
This, even I could see.

I was always competing
I had to keep up my end
Not to be out done
By Melda and Barbara, her friend

Melda now it’s just you and I
Veterans of Chelsea Dist. No. ten
To carry on the legacy
Memories of a school, way back when.

Barbara has left us
But one day you’ll see
Again we’ll meet the three of us
Barbara, Melda and me.

We’ll talk about Chelsea, Dist. No 10
And the games we did play
During recess
Except when blowing dust or a rainy day,

Two teeter totters, and three swings
Good enough for us three
We were as happy as could be
Barbara, Melda and me.
Monte L. Manka 05-26-2010