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Story ID:6055
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Rich Chelsea Kansas Kid, not
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The Lottery

Iíve hit a terrible dry spell. I havenít thought about any thing to write to you about. I know that you are glad but I love to keep you stirred up. Iíve tried ďPoliticsĒ, Lies, and other topics but Iíve run out.

Maybe I should try love stories. Wouldnít that be interesting to you? My love life, gosh that would really be of interest to you.

Adventure well maybe, I never have been very good at adventure. Iím chicken so I keep my feet on dry ground.

Now I am very good at lying. I have had a lot of time to tell lies and over the years I have become proficient at telling whoppers. In fact I can tell a lie and my conscience doesnít bother me a bit.

I have started this out to let you know that this story is a big lie. (I know that you couldnít figure this out by yourself.)

I bought a lottery ticket last week and won the thirty million-dollar prize. Since I have won I have heard from people that I thought had forgotten me. I have found that I have relatives in every state of the union. My mailbox is stuffed with letters from long lost friends and relatives that have fallen on hard times and need a helping hand.

The 710,000.00-dollar check that I receive this week is already spent.
I paid off the house, car and now have 600,000.00 left. I paid off my daughtersí house and car and now have 500,000.00 left.

I purchased a ten-karat diamond for Shirley and that took 50,000.00 now I have 450,000.00.

I purchased an apartment complex for an investment and that took 250,000.00, now I have 200,000.00 left.

For the next 11 months I only have 200,000.00 to deal with. I wonder if I can sustain my life style with this amount until the next check comes in?

The trip to Europe and the Safari in Africa will take another 50,000.00 and the balance is getting closer to 0.

Something I have always wanted was an uncirculated set of Morgan Silver Dollars. This will run about 30,000.00 so now I have 120,000.00 and still have six months to go. I can now afford to go to all the Musicals at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the season ticket is 10,000.00.

The apartments that I purchased have termites and the up grading of the damage is 50,000.00 so now 60,000.00 is left.

We suddenly realized that 2200 square feet of house space is too small and bought a 350,000.00 home now I am in the hole and may take out bankruptcy. We are five months from the next check so we will borrow against it and keep our head above water.

Winning the lottery is the worst thing that ever happened to me and I spend sleepless nights worrying about some one robbing me and severely beating me about the head and shoulders.
I have put in a burglar alarm. I am tired of all the sob stories of friends and relatives trying to get some interest free money from me. I always thought that I would be a good guy and if I ever won the lottery I would take care of all these friends and relatives.

I thought that I would give large amounts to my favorite charities but when I got the first check I found that it changed me from a good guy to a paranoid skitzo. I have turned into a recluse and wonít go out for fear that someone will shoot me for what I have in my pocket.
I wish that this was a dream and I could wake up and go on without winning the lottery. This having all the money that you want is not as good as I thought and am glad to be in debt again. Being in debt is a way of life and if I donít have any big payments it worries me.

I purchased an AK 47 with a bandoleer of thirty-caliber ammo. I patrol the inside walls of the house checking the doors and windows. Shirley wants to go out but itís a jungle out there and I refuse to let her go.

The police wonít come out to our house anymore because they are tired of me calling them for every little noise heard outside.

Shirley is packing and leaving me and I donít know why. She thinks that I am going crazy.

Being by my self now is a something that I donít want. I brought this on my self and by buying that $1.00 lottery ticket my life, whatís left, has been ruined.

Please donít buy a sweeps stake or a lottery ticket because it can cause you more trouble than its worth. It has taken away my reason for wanting to go on living. No I donít mean that I will take my own life, Iíll just sit in the corner and cry. BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE A DIME?


Take the prize and buy a bank.
In a state of Confusion?

Monte (the winner) Manka

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