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The Drifter Felix

Story ID:6065
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Driftin Chel;sea Kansas Kid
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Epilogue of “The Drifters”

While sitting in the Greyhound bus station in Carbon Alberta, Canada, Felix wondered if he should go home. He had five hundred dollars, his wages for the work for Tubbs. He was thinking about the meeting in the Long House where he was told that he was outed from the Comanche tribe.

He was thinking since he was 1/4 Sioux that he could appeal to the Sioux Tribe for reinstatement into the Tribe.. Just being accused of a crime was enough to be shunned by the Comanche’s, maybe he could get back into the good graces of the Comanche tribe.

He remembered the day when he was called into the “Long House” and how he dreaded walking into the room. Chief “Sittin Duck” told Felix to sit in the center of a circle of his peers. He saw a big earthen pot so he sat behind the pot facing the Chief. He was blindfolded and told to keep quiet during the meeting.

There were 11 men that had to vote whether to ban Felix or not. The way to vote was each man had two stones one White and one Black. Throwing the white stone in the pot meant he could stay. The black stone meant banning him from the tribe and to wander on the prairie of unworthiness forever.

The Chief called on “Runnin Scared” to stand and speak. “Runnin Scared” told the council that there was no room in the Comanche Tribe for an accused man. He said "I cast my stone now."

The Chief called on “Standin Tall” to stand and speak. “Standing Tall” said “this man should fall into the pit of darkness.” “I cast my stone now.”

“Fallin Down” was called on next and he said, “this man should burn in a prairie fire forever.” “I cast my stone now.”

“Walkin Thepark” stood and said he could not in good conscience condemn a man without more evidence, Chief “Sittin Duck” called for a point of order and ordered him to cast his stone. Felix heard the noise of the stone as it hit the bottom of the pot.

The Chief called on the Cloud Brothers next.

“Black Cloud” stood and said that Felix should be struck by lightening twice and then cast his stone.

“White Cloud” stood and said Felix should climb the never-ending slope of despair. He then cast his stone.

“Gray Cloud” stood and said that this accused man should ride in darkness forever. He then cast his stone.

Felix knew that there were seven stones in the pot and he hoped that they were all white but he knew he could be wrong.

Chief “Sittin Duck” called on the last Cloud to stand and give his testimony.

“Thunder Cloud” stood and said that Felix should hear only silence from now on. He cast his stone and as it hit the pot Felix shuddered.

The “Feather Brothers” were next.

Chief “Sittin Duck” told “Bird Feather” to stand and give his story. “Bird Feather” said that Felix should have his feet prodded with an arrow from now on. He cast his stone.

“Chicken Feather” said he couldn’t be sure what punishment should befall Felix. He cast his stone.

“Turkey Feather” was last to speak and said for a punishment he should have to eat turkey forever. He cast his stone.

The chief thanked the eleven braves for their participation and told them they could leave. After they left, the Chief told Felix to remove his blind fold. The Chief told Felix if there was one white stone in the pot he could stay. Felix rummaged around the pot and all the stones were black. Felix stood with his head bowed and walked out of the Long House.

The bus pulled into the station and Felix was told to sit in the back of the bus. Felix liked to sit in the back of the bus because the seat was wide enough to lay down and get some sleep. He had taped his money to his bare chest to keep from losing it until he got back to Canton, Oklahoma.

He fell asleep. He woke up when the bus pulled in to Fargo, North Dakota. He sat up. A young pretty Indian Maiden got on board and was told to go to the back of the bus which sounded good to Felix.

Felix introduced himself to the Maiden and she said her name was Sioux City Sioux. She was the daughter of Chief “Talltale” of the Dakota Sioux tribe. We talked until we got to Musk Rat Flats and she got off. I thought this might be a good place to try to settle down.

Felix got off the bus and went into the station and Sioux City Sioux was waiting. They moved into her Tee Pee and lived happily ever after.

Monte L. Manka 01-21-99