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10 Global Warnings

Story ID:6069
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various U.S.
Person:Delia Quigley
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I read this on Care2 today: 10 Global Warnings We Ignored. Posted by Delia Quigley, her credentials are impressive: author, holistic health counselor, natural foods chef, yoga instructor, energy therapist, and public speaker. Phew! I would be happy to "boast" possessing even one of these gifts, but as I have always believed-- we all have gifts although they may be smaller or bigger and usually lesser in number.

Quigley notes that environmental groups and scientists have always warned us to first test a product or technology before exposing the public to it. She feels they have not, and as a result, thousands of chemicals have made their way into our waterways and bloodstreams.

However, no expert- I don't agree with her on this point because sadly in the last more or less 50 years, I believe our animal population has borne the scars and suffering that goes with the testing of chemicals which so often was and is still being done for various reasons and by people who want their products safe from lawsuits. Even so, she is right in that we have a lot of dangerous products on the market even though I believe they were found toxic through animal testing.

Until very recently cosmetic companies used the awful LD-50 tests wherein usually dogs were forcefed cosmetics until 50 percent of them died a cruel agonizing death. And poor innocent bunny rabbits had toxic substances rubbed onto their shaved sides and this was also pure agony for them from the pain of alcohol and other irritant cosmetic products rubbed into their raw skin.

I had to digress and even want to mention that the then Vice- President Gore- before he left office wanted the retesting of thousands of chemicals, and of course, this would have been an absolute horror for the thousands and thousands of innocent research animal victims if the testing went forward. Even if rats would have been the majority test subject - no one of compassion would agree to this. The tests had been done before. Enough is enough. I was glad that his "bright" idea wasn't implemented. So, I don't agree with Quigley in this regard. I believe we did the tests early on but basically, in the name of profit, ignored their deleterious effects to the environment and to us.

However, what impressed me most about Quigley was her listing of the 10 Big Global Warnings we ignored. I certainly can't quarrel with her in this regard. And what I like is the simplicity of the listing. I don't think any of us need any more information than the list itself, though of course, some may feel the need to do more research on one or more items on the list.

1. Off-shore drilling is a disaster waiting to happen.

2. Roundup pesticides will create super weeds.

3. Overuse of antibiotics will create resistance to bacteria.

4. Toxic chemicals can cross the umbilical cord barrier.

5. Smoking causes lung cancer.

6. Eating fast foods can cause childhood obesity.

7. Eating GMO foods may cause serious health problems.

8. Sewage sludge is poison and should not be used on farmland.

9. Eating a vegetarian diet can help prevent global warming.

10. Over prescribing of pharmaceutical medications can lead to death.

Since many on this list refer to the importance of diet, I was surprised today to get "Christina -Living the WELL life!" newsletter. She makes the point that there is a relationship between diet and health but worries that we have been so brainwashed by marketing and pharmaceutical companies as to embrace the simple fact that our food creates or destroys our health.

She follows with perhaps what many will see as a "bold" claim: "Everyone seems to accept that eating a healthy diet can help to maintain our physical health, right? But I have discovered that not so many people can accept the idea that food choices can cure many of our illnesses, even the severe, degenerative ones, like cancer and heart disease. This, of course, is not news to the tens of thousands of people who have cured themselves of everything from leukemia to prostate cancer to breast cancer and heart disease...cured, not held at bay or in remission, but cured. The stories exist...and they are true."

Well, Christina, I found this notion to be a hard sell. I gave a tape on this very subject to a young woman who probably had Stage 4 cancer. I don't know if she followed the diet prescriptions or she was too far gone, but she didn't make it. However, I still would like to believe that a good healthy diet can save lives. Obviously, there are testamonials to this effect. Given a choice of diet or drugs, I have already made that decision - I hope I never ever have to take a drug. However, I guess I will never know for sure until that "big" illness hits me, but I am a firm believer that drugs only address the symptoms and not the cause, and too often have serious side effects.