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Frequent Sounds

Story ID:6070
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Frequent Sounds

Out here in the desert
We hear, In Stalag 8717
The loud sound of an engine
On a flying machine

Itís the laboring of an airplane engine
On a biplane from Ryan airport
Towing a Glider
What some people do for sport.

The noise from that engine
Will make you look toward the sky
While gaining altitude
Above the desert hills as they fly by.

That flying machine
That slender graceful glider
In total silence
While the pilot is seated inside her.

When the noise from the engine
Suddenly stops
As the glider is cut loose
And the biplane pilot trims the prop

That glider hits an updraft
Total silence from here on the ground
As you spot them in the sky
Itís quiet all around

That Skinny little glider
Looks awful thin to me
Making lazy circles in the sky
Without an engine, doncha see.

Seems to me a ďland loverĒ
Think how good the pilot has to be
To bring that little bird
Back to the airport and land safely.

The gliderís miles from the airport
How does the glider pilot know
How far he can glide?
What happens if the wind donít blow?

The biplane is back in the air
With another tow
The sound of that laboring engine
Lets us know

Those glider pilots
Are having fun
While they take
Yet another turn

Flying that skinny glider
By the seat of their pants
Gliding silently by
Hopefully without any accidents.
Monte L. Manka 06-13-09