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Chivaree at Chelsea

Story ID:6075
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Tag along Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Chivaree at Chelsea

The farm boys and farm girls
Of Chelsea
Secretly were planning
A “Chivraee”

Forrest Chapman and Betty Corfman
Were the newly weds
They were staying with his parents
Soon to be gotten out of bed

The Boys and Girls gathered at our house
To wait for the Chapman’s to turn off the light
We lived a mile away
So the crowd could stay out of sight

Our spy rode back to our house
To let us know
That the Chapman house was dark
In a convoy of cars to the Chapmans we did go

We parked down at the highway
We walked quietly up Chapman’s lane
We gathered in their front yard
Then all the noise began

A multitude of 12-gauge shotgun blasts
Shattered the silence of the night
There was movement inside the house
The Chapman’s turned on those Coal Oil Lights.

The Newly Weds came out in their pajamas
The Girls took charge of Betty C.
The guys took charge of Forrest C.
I was told to stay behind, doncha see.

The girls threw Betty into the horse-tank
Nightgown and all
With the moss, bugs, and horse slobbers
Those ornery gals were having a ball.

The guys took Forrest up the road a mile
Removed his PJ’s and shoes
Gave him a gunny sack for cover
So not to leave him completely nude

We were invited into the house
When the groom finally arrived
There was fudge, pies, cakes and tea
Betty was glad to see Forrest survived.

After feasting on the goodies
Much to everyone’s delight
The Chivaree was over
We bade the newly weds a “quiet” goodnight.
Monte L. Manka 06-13-10