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Pie Supper at Durechen School

Story ID:6081
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Angry Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Pie Supper at Durechen School
(pronounced Doo racken)

Saddled Old “Ten Spot”
Toward Durechen School I rode
Had my money in my overall pocket
I was in an excited mode.

When I arrived
The goodies were on a table
I looked them all over
But was not able

To see the one
That was baked by Bessie Mae
I wanted to bid on hers
And eat with her today.

There were pies of every description
Apple, Cherry, Pecan, and Gooseberry
I looked and couldn’t figure out
Which one was baked by Bessie Mae.

The Auctioneer started the biding
I always opened with my twenty cents
But was over-bid
Sometimes by a dollar and fifty cents.

As the pies were sold
The winner, that lucky guy
He could sit and enjoy it
With the girl who baked the pie.

The last pie
Was a beautiful pecan
I put in my twenty cent bid
And won.

My heart was beating faster
The thought of eating with Bessie Mae
Would make me so happy
And really make my day.

But Bessie Mae had baked
That great Gooseberry pie
I cringed in my seat
When I saw the lucky guy

He sat at the table with Bessie Mae
I developed a deep seated hatred
For that creep
I wanted to be dead.

The pie I won I shared with
A woman as old as my Mother
She brought it to my table
I’m thinking “Oh Bother”

I know this lady could see my embarrassment
My disappointment must have shown
She sat down beside me
I wished I were alone.

She asked me my name
She asked me my age
Wanted to know where I lived
We were seated just off the stage.

She asked me what I wanted to drink
Coffee, Milk or tea
She was just as nice as could be
And really treated me

Nice, now I began to warm
And forgot about Bessie Mae
And that creep
Eating at her table across the way.

The pie was super
And soon I lost my consternation
As we both really
Carried on a great lively conversation.

There were a couple songs
A couple recitations
A final Prayer
That ended the Pie Supper Celebration.

Monte L. Manka 06-14-10

Story true, names changed