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Just a Table?

Story ID:6094
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Daydreamin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Just a Table?

Just a Table?

From this picture take away the carpet
Take away the chairs
Take away the background
Leave only the table there

Now picture a giant window
With this table standing bare
A linoleum on the floor
And four un-cushioned chairs

This table was similar to the one
Where our “good” company dined
And the thresher crews and farmhands
Ate in the summer time.

Beautifully carved Legs
Our old table was more ornate
When fully extended
Easily seated eight.

The two extra leaves were standing
Just behind
The “sideboard”
Where they were easy to find.

This old “Sideboard” was used for storing
In the many drawers there
Extra plates, cups and saucers
Table clothes, napkins, and silverware

I’ve helped Mom extend this table
Many many times
When company was coming
Or during harvest time

I learned to be careful
Not my back to wrench
While pushing the ends together
And not my fingers pinch

When Mom set this table
It was a picture to behold
Those beautiful plates, cups and saucers
And the napkins with a perfect fold

The silverware with the raised rose pattern
On the knive, fork and spoon
Used only when we had company for dinner
On some “special” Sunday afternoon.

My story about this old table
Will live forever in my mind
About the lively conversations and scrumptious food
And the good times left behind.
Monte L. Manka 06-21-10