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Lead in Lipstick?

Story ID:6096
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various all USA
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On Care 2 today I read: "We Want Beauty Without Poison!" The FDA recently tested a number of lipsticks from various brands and found lead in every one. You will be suprised to find out that the three lipsticks with the most lead are among the most popular: Cover Girl, Revlon, and L'Oreal.

I am quite upset by this finding. Not that I wear lipstick or have ingested the supposed 4 pounds of it during an average lifetime use, but because cosmetic companies have for the past 35 or more years been testing cosmetics on animals - causing them much suffering. Though not mandated by law, the cosmetic companies wanted to save their "backs" from possible litigation. Why didn't they find this lead connection then?

One test called the LD-50 forcefed hapless dogs cosmetics until 50 percent died excruciating deaths from ingesting these cosmetics. In another test- bunny rabbits had their sides shaved and cosmetics were rubbed into their raw skin. Leave it to man to needlessly and horribly cause suffering to innocent animals. Whether these tests are still being used I have no idea, but I thank God every day that I never wore make-up.

Yes, I was strange growing up and perhaps I still am. I guess I was the only school girl or at least one of the very few who refused to wear make-up. I didn't care that I stuck out like a sore thumb. As I commented on this site: "This "plain Jane" never followed the crowd when it came to wearing make-up. Maybe I felt I was a hopeless case; maybe I was angry that in order to be "beautiful" or at least improve one's looks you needed to ply it on. Whatever-I didn't buy into it, and I'm glad I didn't. Not knowing anything about the horrible cosmetic testing on animals then, I am now so grateful that I didn't follow the crowd. I still don't. I think God made us beautiful the way we are naturally, and I am also glad that I haven't ingested the 4 pounds of lipstick users ingest on average during their lifetime. And by the way - I found the Blessed Virgin Mary a wonderful role model. I could never envision her using makeup!"

I am sorry that without thinking I did sign the TAKE ACTION part of this post which read "Tell the FDA to ban lead from makeup!" I realize now this may force the cosmetic companies to continue the cruel use of animal testing. However, I believe that today it is possible to measure product toxity in the labs without the use of animals. I certainly hope and pray that this is the case because in my opinion and the opinion of all compassionate people -using animals is a barbaric invention which should never have taken off in the first place.

On the very few times I have agreed with anything coming from the FDA - this is one time I do even though the writer of this post doesn't:
"The FDA says the "small" level of lead found in the products is "not a threat," and the Personal Care Products Council says the lead might be a trace contaminate from raw ingredients in the products. After all, lead is naturally found in air, water, and soil."

The Florida Department of Health doesn't agree and opined that even though the lead levels found in these products might be "small" there is no safe level of lead in blood which in time gets stored in the blood.

They also mentioned in this post something which doesn't surprise me because I recently read in an Alternative Medicine flyer that we are daily exposed to a barage of harmful metals. They warn that arsenic and cadmium has been discovered in some proten drinks. It seems so true the query in that article -"Can we ever escape these metals?" Maybe the answer can be found in that alternative medicine article I put aside for future perusal. It seems like the time is now that I search it out- though thankfully, I don't buy protein drinks and I don't use lipstick. Of course, where else are harmful metals found unbeknownst to most of us?