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Those "Spooky" Farmhouse Stairs

Story ID:6099
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Sneaky Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Those “Spooky” Farmhouse Stairs

The Stairway in that farmhouse
That led up to the second floor
Meant a way to reach my bedroom
Nothing more.

Newel posts, balusters, banisters
Landing, risers and treads
I used them daily
When heading for my upstairs bed.

As I grew older
I often wondered who
Engineered this marvel
Such beautiful workmanship, too.

That old railing and Newel Post
Were well hand worn
Solid walnut wood
Built long before I was born.

If I wanted a midnight snack
Down these stairs I could not sneak
The pressure on each riser
Let out a telltale squeak.

Many times
As I lay in bed
I pulled the covers
Tight over my head

Because in the stillness of the night
That old stairway would creak
From the bottom step to the top
You’d be scared to speak.

Besides there was no such thing
As Goblins and Ghosts
Looking to do me harm, I said to myself
As those creaky sounds grew close.

I kept telling myself
While shivering in my bed
I was afraid to fall asleep
Afraid I’d wake up dead.

Thank goodness for that Sandman
He save my life many a night
By putting me to sleep
And keeping me free from fright.

Monte L. Manka 09-24-10