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Where's the Sideboard

Story ID:6102
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Wonderiin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Where's the Sideboard

Where’s the Sideboard?

When I came home from overseas
The old farmhouse looked the same
The dining room was different
Furniture had been rearranged.

The Old Sideboard
Was no longer there
Not standing against the east wall
It had been moved upstairs.

There in my upstairs bedroom
Stood that stately antique
Minus crocheted doilies and Scarf
If it could only speak.

With the mirror detached
It musta weighed a ton
Drawers removed,
How could it have been moved upstairs by anyone?

Up about ten creaky stairs
Then a ninety degree turn
Five steps up to the landing
Left into my room

This mystery will forever haunt me
Who moved the sideboard?
Why was it taken to my room?
Where were all the things that were stored?

Table clothes, napkins and doilies
Knitted crocheted and sown
Gifts from friends and relatives
Now forever gone.

Soon that stately sideboard
Had another look
A place for my pictures
And my school books.

I looked for an hour
Through photos high and low
For a picture of
That old sideboard, doncha know

Of this piece of furniture
In my mind I now see the charm
Of that majestic sideboard
In the dining room on the farm.

Monte L. Manka-06-25-2010