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Wheel Tracks in El Dorado

Story ID:6156
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Surmising Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Wheel Tracks in El Dorado

Wheel Tracks in El Dorado

I retrieved this old postcard
From letters my Mom kept in a box
Stored away in a cabinet
Underneath a pile of sox.

The writing makes
No sense to me
I didn’t know
The sendee nor the recievee

Today I gripe about
The potholes in the street
The deteriorating asphalt
Or the cracks in the concrete

In the roads or freeways
Highways or byways
That we travel on

There were nothing but
Farmers, cowboys and maybe a desperado
On Main and Central
Back “then” on the streets of El Dorado

Buggy wheel tracks
As the farmers came into town
Grain wagon tracks
From grain wagons elevator bound

Cattle tracks as the livestock
Was herded up Main ST. to the train Depot
To the Missouri Pacific Railroad
To be shipped to Kansas City or Chicago

Clouds of stifling dust
While waiting for the rain
As the horses and wagons
Traveled up and down Main.

The dirt would turn to mud
During a summer time thunderstorm
To keep the mud from being tracked into the stores
Shoe and boot mud scrappers, by the door were the norm.

The ruts run deep
After a shower or rain
Deep horse, and cattle tracks
ON North Main

Do I know this to be true?
No, I wasn’t there
I can only surmise this true
Yesterday and today compare.
Monte L. Manka 07-07-10