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Get on the List

Story ID:6171
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Transportation for the Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Get on the List

Get on the List
(For a Pickup)
During WWII

The government rationed everything
Sugar, Coffee, butter, and meat
Tires, gas, oil for the machines
There were those who tried to cheat.

A new car, pickup or truck
Was almost impossible to buy
You put your name on a list at
Every auto dealer in town where you could apply

Dad was on the list for a pickup
At Ford, Plymouth, Dodge, Chevrolet
Hudson, International, and Studebaker
He waited patiently for the day

He would get the call
Made no difference what the make
One from any list
He would gladly take.

Dad got the call from the Hudson Dealer
In El Dorado down on South main
A straight Six cylinder engine
1940ish Hudson Terraplane.

The color was
“Gunmetal Gray”
Two thin red stripes on each wheel
Dad took it right away.

This pickup was a beauty
A long bed, a sporty looking machine
A really good radio we listened to
While headed for the wheat field, up highway 13.

Heavy plastic bench seat
Behind a fancy looking dash, you know
I think it was the forerunner
Of the Chevy El Camino.

That Hudson was a workhorse
Maybe slightly under powered
Did its job for years
Till it was retired.

On a trip back to Kansas
Many years ago
I asked Dad where the Hudson was
He’d sold it to a Doctor in El Dorado

Said he was going to restore
That Hudson Terraplane
I rode many a mile
In that sleek pickup machine.
Monte L. Manka 07-10-09