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neo confederates

Story ID:6192
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Opelika Alabama C.S.A.?or U.S.A
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It has become painfully (to me at least)that our current system of government is not working.We have a President in the White House that no white american nor current politician dares to critisize
for fear of being called a racist,a president whom I asked that we (as Americans)give a fair chance.I feel that Mr.Obama has had a chance to show Americans that He could and would change America for the better,in my humble opinnion,this has not happened,the only change I see is that we got short changed.
The big money people got more money,such as banks,auto makers and ceo's of almost every industry in America while the poor,the elderly and the needy recieved nothing.We were lied to about the COLA raise in Social Security,we were lied to about the housing market and we were lied to about employment and jobs rate and still the recession goes on and on.
As if this were not enough,Mr.Obama takes a vacation in the middle of the worst ecological disaster in American History,while thousands of people who made thier living fishing in the gulf waters are jobless and can hardly afford food for the table,let alone take a vacation,I cant help but harken back to the great photo op of Mr.Obama picking up a single tar ball on some beach on the Gulf,this while millions of gallons of raw oil was devastating the water and beaches of Alabama,Florida and Lousianna.I am told that even news reporters have to stay 4 or 5 miles away from the spill site to "protect thier health"this is blatant news censorship at it's worse.
Now I have been hearing of the Neo Confederates,The Confederate Legion and many more so called groups that are proposing a new rise of the Confederate States of America,my question is,is this a bad thing to consider? In a peaceful way of course,by voting,by political action committees and peaceful demonstrations.Another question is,Could it be accomplished without the Federal Government sending in the National Guard with guns blazing as they did at Kent State University back in the 1960's? I doubt it.I doubt that the Federal Government would stand by and let it's source of revenue and manpower for it's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to peacefuly escape it's cluthes.
No,I am not a terroist,thats even worse than being called a racist or a confederate these days,and no I am not proposing a violent overthrow of the present government of the U.S.A. I am merely proposing a question for all to read and decide on for them selves.
What I AM saying is that people,mostly white people are afraid to come out and openly critisize Mr.Obama as they did President Clinton and President Carter.
Even the Tea Party activist fall under this fear of being called racist,witness the person that just tried to get a message across by pretending to write a letter to Mr.Lincoln,what happened? He had to resign his position in the Tea Party Activist group that he was a member of.And I am saying that it's ok to be critical of Mr.Obama.But every time someone makes a critical statement toward Mr.Obama,they are almost immediately branded"RACIST" and hounded out of office.Is this America or the Soviet Union?Can we no longer voice our political opinnion without fear of ostracism and repercussions either political or social?
If this IS true,then I say hoist up the Confederate Battle Flag,and save your confederate money Boys cause the South is Gonna rise again!
Bob Mitchum