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Who Won WWII?

Story ID:6211
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Bless the ladies, Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Who Won WWII?

Who Won WWII?

Who Won WWII?

Who Won WWII?

Who Won WW II?

I have a certain cap I wear
And on it, in plain view
Printed in bright yellow letters is
“Veteran of WWII”

The other day
While at the grocery store
A young man approached me and
Thanked me for going off to war

And fighting for him and his friends
And keeping the USA
Safe and Free
For all of us today.

The young man turned
Walked out the door
I was flabbergasted
And thought back to the beginning of the war.

He left before I could say
That I was never in combat
Not on a bombing run
Or anything like that.

But this started me to thinking
The USA was “one”
By the young and old
Their work had just begun.

The Civilians
Worked with great speed
To see that the servicemen
Had everything they would need

“Rosie the riveter”
Worked in the Air Craft Plants
Making fighter planes and Bombers
Like patriotic industrious ants.

WAFS, WAVES, Army Nurses
Just to name a few
Some women ferried Bombers to England
For our young pilots to use

We turned in our
Old Aluminum Pots and Pans
Old tires and inner tubes
So we could whip Japan.

Turned in empty toothpaste tubes
Purchased War Bonds
Did with out cigarettes
The war went on and on.

Meat, butter, sugar and gas was rationed
Cars, Trucks, Clothing were hard to find
I don’t remember any one grumbling
No one comes to mind.

In our darkest moments
Those ladies worked night and day
With all the worry and strife
I never heard one say

Anything against our country
Or want to quit
They were the backbone of our country
This I must admit.

Almost every house
Had a star in the window pane
Showing who traveled by
Down City Street or country lane,

That in this home a
Soldier, sailor or marine
Was fighting for our country
Many were only in their teens..

The war was won
By total cooperation
Of every one involved
Thank you ladies for your participation.

Monte L. Manka 02-24-09