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My First Shave

Story ID:6216
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Fuzzy faced Chelsea Kansas Kid
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My First Shave

My First Shave

My First Shave

While in El Dorado High
I had a little fuzz
On my face but
Not enough to buzz.

Walking down Central Street east
From El Dorado High
You walked passed “Sullivan’s Barber shop”
Smelled so good as you passed by

The Lawyers, Judges, Businessmen
Wanted him only to trim their hair
Would wait patiently for “John”
Seemed to be an honor to be seated in John’s chair.

I’ve been in Sullivan’s
And not once did John cut my hair
I always got some other
Barbers chair

I used to wait and wondered
How it would be to get a shave
With the hot towels around my face
Wondered how I would behave

John would strop that straight razor
And made it look so easy
As he shaved a Judge or Lawyer
Made me a little queasy,

Thinking one little slip
Would sure be bad
For the face John was shaving
Probably make the shavee real mad.

When I was eighteen
And headed for the Service
Dad told me I had to shave
Made me kinda nervous,

Dad had one of those
Double edge Gillette’s
He didn’t have a straight razor
That he had to whet.

When I got through
My face looked mighty red
I shaved off all the bumps and whiskers
Then Dad Said

“Slap on a little lotion
Make your face feel great”
I sloshed some on
I found how easy it was to hate

It felt like a hot branding iron
Had been put on each cheek
And of Mennen’s shaving lotion for Men
I did reek.

After the fire went out
I made up my mind
To buy an Electric razor
And to my face-Be Kind.
Monte L. Manka 07-31-10