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Becker's Farm Sale

Story ID:6228
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:The Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Becker's Farm Sale

Becker’s Farm Sale

After a somber church service
The congregation gathered at Becker’s farm
The auctioneer prepared to auction off
The machinery, livestock, while standing near the barn.

When you’re in the audience at a farm sale,
Everyone’s face is long
As you see this prosperous neighbors goods
Sold to someone else, seems so wrong.

His wife cannot handle the burden
Of the caring for the farm
Taking care of the livestock
Without her mate she’s not able to carry on

So now you are to bid on her misery
Every horse, milk-cow and machine
Each noted on a list handed to the bidders
At the sale, seems to me a bit obscene

These people started this farm
Sixty years ago
Raised a family
From a few acres, watched it grow

Went through feast and famine
Crop failures, high winds and dust
Never thought of quitting
Going ahead was a must.

Their kids are married
And have moved into town
When asked if they wanted the farm
They turned it down.

There are such a few people of today
That would put in the work and time
To keep this farm alive
Seems such a crime

So as each piece of her farm
Is auctioned off, those things to her so dear
Mrs. Becker keeps her hankie handy
To wipe away each tear.

For each article that is sold
Each has it’s own tale
Old memories here abound for her
At the Becker farm sale.

Before the sale is over
Mrs. Becker is ushered to a limousine
She’s taken to a rest home
There she will remain.

Her farming lifestyle is finished
Her hard work is done
The Kids and Grandkids will visit Granny
So she won’t be all alone.

Monte L. Manka 08-04-10

Not my picture, and the name is made up. Just my thoughts on a great photo. MM