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Quo Vadis,U.S.A.?

Story ID:6233
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Where are we going?At a time when the economy is almost none existant or at least showing little sign of recovery,When almost every charitable entity is strapped (food banks,project share,red cross ect.ect.)You need to ask yourself this question.Where are we,as a Nation,going?When Katrina hit New Orleans,in my opinion,the governmental response was to slow,the people (victims)felt abandoned by those who should have helped,and it was only after a huge outcry of VOTERS that anything was done at all.Now we are told by Washington/BP that the oil spill in the gulf is over,that hardly any or minimal damage has been done to the fragile gulf coast ecologicaly.Am I supposed to believe this? Has our Government lied to us in the past?Most certainly,Has our Government lied to us in this matter of the oil leak?I believe they have,Will our Government lie to us in the future?I think that lies and half truths are the order of the day in Washington,just bussiness as usual so to speak.Has the U.S.A. become a Nation of sycophants?I think it has,Has the office of the President become nothing more than court jester? You be the judge on that.In my humble opinion,since 9/11 the U.S.A. has gone from being a country where people cared about their neighbor to a country where no one trusts their neighbor,a Country where people are afraid to voice desent,afraid to voice opposition to anything Washington says or does.
When Mr.Bush told us that we had to go into Iraq and take Mr.Hussaine out of office,we were led like sheep,we believed Him when we were told that that war would only last 6 months or less,now we are envolved in 2 wars,Iraq and Afghanistan,with no end in sight,our Sons and Daughters are coming home by the scores wounded in mind and body,and we are told that the Government will take care of them,maybe it will and maybe it won't.
You would think that after the bitter lessons we learned from our envolvement in Vietnam,that Americans would have learned a few lessons,but I feel that sadly, we have not.
So,again I ask you,Quo Vadis?
Bob Mitchum