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Frenchie's Bar

Story ID:6242
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Infantryman, Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Frenchie's Bar

We’ll meet at Frenchie's Bar

Two friends were waiting for a bus
One was a Marine the other an Infantryman
They planned what they would do
When they returned home from Afghanistan.

Let’s get together
Down at Frenchie’s Bar
We’ll sip a couple cold ones
And smoke a fine cigar

We’ll shoot a game of pool or two
When we come back
I’ll even let you break the balls
There at Frenchie’s shack

The time had come to leave
They shook hands and turned to go
With thoughts of what might happen
Deep in their minds, doncha know

Two years later the Marine came home
Sad news fell on his ear
The Infantryman was missing
Probably captured, he did fear

The Marine drove to Frenchie’s Bar
He ordered two beers
One for him and one for his buddy
That was not here.

He grabbed a pool cue
The balls were in the rack
He stood there in silence
Knowing his buddy might not come back

Frenchie walked in and said
“Aren’t you going to play”
No, I’ll just wait for my buddy
Who was captured in a country far away.

He took a shot
He hung up his cue
He left the balls scattered
Out the door he flew

As he got into the car
He saw someone limping up the lane
It was the Infantryman
They would be together once again.

The Marine ran back into the bar
Told Frenchie that he was going to finish this game
His buddy was coming after all
Things would be the same.

Nice ending to this poem
Could have ended differently
But I made it come out feeling good
Doncha see.
Monte L. Manka 08-12-10