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Thanks Giving At Uncle Fossills

Story ID:6270
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Last January,Uncle Fossill purchased a young Tom Turkey and told Aunt Flossie Mae that come November this here Turkey will make us a fine dinner,It being January and extra ordinary cold up there in Podunk Tennessee,Uncle Fossill placed a wooden crate near the Fire Place so that the young turkey would stay warm and not freeze to death out there in the barn.The fire place was near the kitchen table and Uncle Fossill began feeding the turkey small tid bits from His plate during the meal,every morning He would pick the turkey up to see if it had gained any weight,smacking His lips in anticipation of the as yet to come Holiday of Thanks Giving,and savoring the imagined aroma of roast turkey baking in the wood burning stove.
Aunt Flossie Mae also began feeding the young Turkey,and as it grew older the turkey began following Uncle Fossill around the small farm and gobble gobbling if He was out of sight,at first Uncle Fossill began to call the turkey Ole Gobbler,which later got shortned to Ollie,and every day Uncle Fossill would tell Aunt Flossie Mae that He thought that Ollie had gained at least another pound and how good Ollie was gonna taste when he was all brown and cooked up and setting on the table ready for the carving knife.
Finally the Great day arrived,Thanks Giving Day in Podunk County Tennessee!
Uncle Fossill was up early and setting at the Kitchen Table when Aunt Flossie Mae came in,She had Ollie in Her arms,both legs had been tied with a bit of string and as she handed Ollie over to Uncle Fossill there were tears glistening in Her eyes,"Fossill",she said,You take Ollie on down to the barn and do what yew gotta do,whilst I get the fire going in the stove and git the stuffings ready.
Uncle Fossill reluctantly took Ollie and trudged slowly down to the barn where he kept His farm tools,including a small hachet and a huge chop block.
Uncle Fossill was gone an inordinately long time it seemed to Aunt Flossie Mae,but she heard Him finally as He opened the back door and laid the freshly killed bird on the table.
"Oh Fossill!" She cried,I was hoping that yew would change yo're mind about killing Ollie!Uncle Fossill grinned bashfuly and replied "I did change my dadburn mind Woman,thats a fresh turkey from over to the Fuller P. Clodfelters farm,They been selling them all month and I jest didn't have the heart to kill ole Ollie,so I mosied on over and got one of theirs fer us.
Happy Thanks Giving Every One!
Bob Mitchum. :)