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Story ID:6304
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Catfish lovin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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I’m known around here as “Catfish”
No one knows my real name
I’ve run this store for many years
Me and the building is jus the same

As when I started
Way back in “34”
I know I needs a window,
And a door

A little paint
Maybe a new roof
But for me and my dog Trey
It’s good enough

The people buy my fish
All they’re interested in
Is a certain catfish
Swimming in the water in the bin.

Last week I was bothered
With men in suits and hats
Tellin me that I’d have to do
This or that

The building Inspector
Left me with a bunch of rules
That I’d have to follow
Does he think that Trey and I are fools?

The Health Inspector
Was a real Pro
He told me my fish holdin tanks
Would have to go.

The Safetyman dropped by
Told me to prop up my stoop
I needed more 2x4's
To hold up my tin roof

I was told I have to buy a license
To sell my Channel Cats
Change the water more often
Enough to drive you bats.

The IRS man
Left in disgust
When I told him
My income was just

Enough to feed my family
Of ten
The Guvment sends me a check
Now and then.

I’ve had one customer
This week
Swapped catfish for some “Moonshine Whiskey”
Money problem lookin mighty bleak

After a couple shots of moonshine
All around my store
There’s a rosy glo
And things are like back in “1934”
Monte L. Manka 09-05-10