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Family Love Is Like A Butterfly

Story ID:6309
Written by:Nancy J. Kopp (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Manhattan KS USA
Person:Our family
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Family Love Is Like A Butterfly

Family Love Is Like A Butterfly

Months ago, we asked our two adult children and spouses if they'd like to come home over Labor Day week-end. It would be the first K-State football game of the year, and their dad offered to buy tickets for all. Being that all but one is passionate purple Wildcat, how could they say no?

The months passed with the anticipation of the family gathering in the back of my mind. Then it was only weeks, and being a mother/grandmother, I started laying awake at night thinking about what kind of meals to prepare. What could I make ahead of time to make life easier? I mulled it over and then again. Made the menus. Changed the menus.

Finally, I started baking and freezing desserts and breakfast coffeecakes, and a couple of Italian casseroles for one dinner.

The Dallas family had to come in shifts, as our oldest granddaughter is a member of her high school's dance/drill team and she performed on Friday night. So, our son and his youngest daughter drove up to our house Friday after Gracen got out of school, arriving at midnight. They crept quietly into the house, but I heard them, breathed a sigh of relief that they had made it, and promptly fell asleep.

Karen and her family had arrived earlier on Friday evening, so we had time for a catch-up visit. Then, Saturday morning, Kirk and the three grandchildren who were here went out to the Manhattan airport to pick up Amy and Alexis. We now have a direct flight from Dallas, which made it possible for them to get here in time for Saturday's activities.

First, a tailgate party with lots of food and fun at the stadium--purple flags flying and tantalizing aromas from the barbecue grills in the stadium parking lot, and the blare of K-State band music and radio announcers. The game started with dozens of motorcycles roaring and zooming into the stadium. Each one flew either a purple K-State flag or an American flag--some had both. Before long, they'd ringed the entire football field, and the crowd loved it, especially Cole, our four year old grandson.

K-State beat UCLA which made a perfect finish to the afternoon.

Sunday included church for the ten of us, then brunch out, with dinner that evening at home including a birthday celebration for Ken--or Poppy as the grandkids call him. Birthday cake, candles and ice cream seemed a fitting way to end a perfect day spent with those we love most.

All too soon, it was Monday morning, and each family packed up and headed down the highway toward home. Grandma and Poppy suddenly felt a bit lonely, but it soon passed as I gathered up sheets, towels and other clothing and headed to the laundry room. If you play, you gotta pay! And I did pay with filling and unfilling the washer and dryer all day.

But while I added soap to the washer, turned dials or folded clothes from the dryer, I thought about the blessings we have in being able to spend an occasional few days as a family. And that our family all gets along well, that besides the teasing and the laughter, the consuming of food and beverage, there is more--a special kind of love. It's elusive as a butterfly, but it's there. Like a butterfly, the love within a family is bright and beautiful, and ever so delicate. It's something to cherish.

It will be Christmas before we gather as a complete family again, but that's not so far away. Meanwhile, we keep in touch through phone calls, e-mails and do I dare admit it? Facebook!

Photo 1: Seven K-State wildcats and one lone Jayhawk--our family.

Photo 2: Time to eat at the tailgate