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Why Red

Story ID:6310
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Goin Home Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Why Red

“Why Red”

I used to see the Freight Trains
Headed up the track
On the way to Kansas City
Puffing up that shiny track

The engines were
Always painted black
But not the caboose
That was in the back

As we waited at the crossing
Finally came the caboose
They were painted the same
What was the excuse?

Every one I saw
Was painted RED
Was that the only color
That the Railroad had?

Late at night
When I heard that whistle blow
I knew that the engine was black
And the caboose was red, doncha know.

When I took my Army Basic training
In a Texas Army camp far from home
At four in the morning
I could hear a train whistle moan

As I lay in my bunk
In my mind I could see
That old Freight train
Headed for Kansas City

Wished I was back on the farm
Getting up to do the chores
My thoughts of home I mulled
Through my sleeping buddies snores.

I pictured that black Engine
Headed up that shiny track
Pulling a mile of cars
With that Red Caboose in the back.

When I was separated from the Army
About going home I made no fuss
Never thought about the red caboose
I took the Greyhound Bus.

Monte L. Manka 09-07-10