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Story ID:6333
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Sea Sick Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Love Sugar Tare
Landing Ship Tank
A Very Flat Bottomed Navy Boat

On Okinawa Island
Early in the morning
Got my stuff together
Without any warning

Headed for the dock
There tied up to see
Was a funny lookin Navy boat
Called an LST

Headed for parts unknown
Aboard this LST
Never dreaming what was in store
On this far off sea.

There was no place to bunk
Except out on the deck
With folding cots and sleepin bags
I said what the heck.

Temperature was warm
And so my cot I tied,
To a 40 mm gun tub
With tent ropes supplied.

This flat bottomed boat
Would spank the salty waves
And bend and moan and groan
If it sank hoped I could be saved

Day number two

Navy Boys were firing
At some black object in the water
About a hundred yards away
This could have been a slaughter

Was a floating mine,
Off to our Starboard, you see
The Navy boys shot it
And it exploded harmlessly

As I talked to a Swabbie
While standing in a line
And said I liked that Radar
That picked up the mine

The Swabbie looked at me with disbelief
And this is what he said
If we depended on Radar for mines
We’d all end up dead.

Dog Face, He said
To keep us safe from harm
That’s what the Bow Watch’s for
To give us the alarm

Needless to say
I spent the next two sleepless nights
Huddled in my cot,
In my sleepin bag, shakin with fright.

We finally landed in Inchon Harbor
Much to my elation
So happy to be off that boat
And start the Korean Occupation .

Monte L. Manka 6-2-2006