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Election Parties Debate

Story ID:6368
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:COOTS Member. Chelsea Kansas Kid
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November is here once again and two things happen in this month that I could do without. 1. It's Election Time. 2. It's Turkey Time.

The first one is a waste of taxpayers money.
The second is the one that has that despicable bird that is always served, I'll bet that the Indians don't even like to eat this bird.

1. Democratic Party- the party that likes to take your money and then give it back to you from some bloated bureaucracy, a stipend known as SSI.
2. Republican Party- always promising to give us a tax cut, my money in the first place, and never coming through.
3. Independent Party- independent of the parties I and 2 4. Moderate Party- using moderation only when the polls show them which way to vote.
5. Coot’s Party- this party is made up of Cranky Old Obstinate Taxpayer Scapegoats. I am of this party and I can vote the way I want. They say every vote counts but I have yet to vote on anything that passes, so does my vote count? My first vote was against FDR that should tell you something.

As a member of the COOTS party, I got a letter from the Mayor of Corona yesterday. The letter started out as "Dear Friend" This led me to be on my guard right off the bat. The letter went on to ask if they could put up a placard in my front yard with the incumbent mayor's name on it and I trash canned this. Next paragraph, "Friend any contribution would be appreciated starting with $100. No the amount wasn't on it but I got the drift before I shredded the Friendly Letter. I have lived in Corona for about nine years and I never heard of or from the mayor before.
There are only about three things that the Mayor does

No. 1. Be present at all ribbon cuttings for buildings that the city could do without. 2. Be at all the 1,000 dollar plate’s dinners, again the poor man is crowded out. 3. To kiss the babies while on the stump.

Don't send any correspondence to a Senator, Representative or any elected official, if you do you are the target for any money he needs to further his career. I have sent COOTS disagreements to Gingrich, and Calvert and----
I have been deluged with comments of how I could help if I sent a contribution to them. As a COOTS I wrote to the man in the White House (Clinton) and at least, his aide, answered my letter and since he wasn't a COOTS member he didn't ask for money.

Our peace is shattered, on TV, the newspapers, and the airways -- telling of the debates. First of all, who wants to watch two grown citizens, who are running for Election get up in front of the public and call each other names like two little kids. These people very seldom discuss the issues but fall prey to the name calling bit thinking that the public is so dumb that they can't figure how they want to vote. I watched two grown men stand up before the cameras and lie and lie and lie, even they knew that they were lying.

Noah Moore is running for dogcatcher against Worth Less. Here again there is nothing but name-calling. I am truly undecided about whom to vote for Moore or Less.

Lowe Down is campaigning hard against Lilly Liver for the trash superintendent. I am voting for Down because I can't stand Liver, never could.

Yellow Bellie is running alone for the Police commanders’ command. I don't let names prejudice my vote in any way but I am skeptical about this man and his name.

Toby Gutless and Bob Bullcrap are vying for the honor of becoming the next councilman to replace Robert Rottenbreath and the race is nose to nose.

As a card carrying COOTS I probably won't vote because I am having a hard time making up my mind.

We, as the peons, are promised all the good things knowing that immediately upon being elected they will only remember the people that donated the most to the campaign.

The first thing is always Education --- they will try to convince you that they are for the children, pooey if they are why are the teenagers not able to read well enough to enter college.

The second thing is always taxes--they promise that they will not raise taxes, blah blah blah, then they raise taxes. The third thing is the Senior Citizens--They make you think that they are the only one who is going to save Social Security. The government keeps telling us they can invest our money, in some crazy scheme, or that they can take better care of it than we can.
They stand at the podium, and scare the heck out of the Senior citizen, and tell them they are the only one that can save them blah blah blah. Be honest with me have you ever seen a debate between two adults that changed your mind on who you are going to vote for?

Have you ever seen a debate that changed your mind about some proposition on the ballot?

I'll vote my usual way by flipping a coin or by straight party line and cry after the election after all my votes are tossed into the waste basket. "COOTS" Member, Monte