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The New School Bus

Story ID:6370
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Busless Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The New School Bus

Our New School Bus

Our old Gas Guzzler
Bit the dust
Now we ride a six horse
School bus.

The rides rough
Lots of dust
But weíre saving gas
On our new School bus.

Thereís one man
With a scoop
To clean up any
Horse (droppings.)

We figured we save
100 gallons of Gas, or more
That ainít hay
But our bodies are sore

From hanging on for dear life
The roads are dirt
Those wooden wheels
Make you body hurt.

We canít travel
On the highway
Might cause an accident
Horses too slow so they say.

Weíre helping keep
The environment clean
By traveling to town
In this horse drawn machine.

No seatbelts
Needed for us
On our
New school bus.

No tires to blow
No need for oil
No AC to break down
No radiator to boil.

Please hurry fix up our old bus
Iím dying from the boiling dust
The guy sitting next to me
Smells like the Dead Sea

One trip on this stage
Is enough for me
Iím not ready to give up
My luxury.

Give me back my old bus
At least there are windows and doors
No dirt on the floor

Iíve decided to save the Planet
Another day
Iím just not ready
For the old way.
Monte L. Manka 09-28-10